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    Last weekend I told my boss I wasn’t coming to work. Instead I met up with a bunch of guys I ride with and rode 160k from Brisbane to Killarney, stayed the night, then rode to Ipswich the next day. I’ve done long distance riding before, but nothing could prepare me for the climbs we had to face or the temperatures of -1 degrees on the Sunday morning. We ascended almost 1000m in around 10k, with the climbs averaging around 10% and having pitches of up to 21%. Most walked, though being a proud wanker, I refused to, and grinded up the climb almost as slowly as those walking.

    It’s been a while since I’ve done this kind of riding and it’s left me with the same sentiments: I love the fact that you have to eat twice as much as a normal person does in a day, and still lose weight, the part of the day where you pull into your destination and people know you’ve done something big just by looking at you, and the next morning where your body is screaming at you to go back to sleep, but you know you’ve got to jump back on. By the final 20km of the trip, I’m always adamant that I’ll never cover distance like this again, but I know that a week from the ride, I’ll be waiting for the next big ride.

    It always seems that this kind of riding and the people who ride it with you are always valuable sources of tips and tricks, whether it be from leaving your riding gear in with your heated sheets in bed to warm them up, stuffing newspaper in your shoes so your feet won’t go numb from cold, or filling up your waterbottles with celebratory beers on the way home to avoid getting busted by train security, there always seems to be something to learn.

    Anyway, had a good weekend, for a proper report, go here

    I fall apart when you’re around
    When you’re here, I’m nowhere
    I can’t pretend that I’m not down
    I show it, I know it

    I’ve been a fool
    More than once, more than twice
    I’m gonna move to a new town
    Where the people are nice

    I hope I never
    Have to sigh again
    I hope I never
    Have to cry again

    I still want to beam and smile
    Happiness is back in style
    I hope I never
    I hope I never
    Have to see you

    When I’m at home,
    I think of you.
    And all of the things,
    That you do.
    I think of you,
    I think of you.
    What’s going on?
    What’s up with you?

    Brisbane says goodnight to another great venue tonight. Thanks hideaway!

    Brisbane says goodnight to another great venue tonight. Thanks hideaway!